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Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Programme by Tigerlily Aust Pty Ltd (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) (ABN 12 617 502 904) effective as at 26 October 2022.


1. Participation and Membership

1.1 Tigerlily is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Program. Travel Club Rewards works by offering participants certain Rewards according to their level of spend on the Tigerlily website and for making Referrals to New Customers. 

1.2 Membership in Travel Club Rewards and its Rewards are offered at the sole discretion of Tigerlily.

1.3 You may apply to become a Member of the Travel Club Rewards if you are aged 18 years or over and have a current valid email address.

1.4 To become a Member, you will be required to provide your email address and physical address for delivery of Rewards. You may also provide additional information when you create your Membership account, such as your date of birth so that you may receive birthday Rewards.

1.5 Membership is valid from the date of joining. 

1.6 Tigerlily will not accept any liability for any Member email that is misdirected, lost or not received.

1.7 To become a Travel Club Rewards Member, you must register online at https://tigerlily.com.au/pages/loyalty-rewards. By applying to become a Member you fully and unconditionally accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions and to the Tigerlily Customer Terms and Conditions available at https://tigerlily.com.au/pages/terms-of-useIf you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or the Tigerlily Customer Terms and Conditions, you must not apply to become a Member or, if you are currently a Member, you must terminate your Membership by contacting us.

1.8 We may refuse your application to become a Member for any reason, in our absolute discretion.

1.9 Employees of Tigerlily, and/or individuals receiving a discount or free product to represent the Tigerlily brand are not eligible to become a Member. 

1.10 If you do not produce Personal Information to Tigerlily we will be unable to provide Rewards (wholly or in part) to you. 

1.11 It is your responsibility to inform us immediately if your personal details change (including, but not limited to, your email address, postal address or phone number). If we do not have your correct and up to date personal details, we may not be able to contact you about your account or send you offers or Rewards, and we may also restrict operations on your account (such as redemption).


2. Spend

2.1 Members may increase their Spend Balance by making Qualifying Purchases of Products.

2.2 Members must place a transaction when logged in to their Travel Club Rewards account in order for a purchase on the Tigerlily website to count towards their Spend Balance. If a Member uses the guest checkout to make a purchase, the purchase cannot be guaranteed to count toward their Spend Balance. 

2.3 Cancelled orders or purchases deemed to be wholesale quantities for the purposes of resale or of a commercial nature will not count towards a Member’s Spend Balance. Retail limits apply to all products per person by day. If these retail limits are exceeded, further purchases will not count towards the Member’s Spend Balance.

2.4 The purchase of gift cards will count towards Member’s Spend Balance, however the redemption of gift cards will not.

2.5 Spend does not include decimal points and is rounded down to the nearest whole number for 49 cents and under and rounded up for 50 cents or more. Shipping charges, discounts vouchers, taxes, and fees are not eligible to be counted toward a Member’s Spend Balance.

2.6 Items on promotion will count towards a Member’s Spend Balance at the discounted price. 

2.7 Spend Balance is calculated in the currency of the country in which the Member created their Member profile. For example, Spend Balance will be calculated in Australian Dollars (AUD) for Member’s who have registered in Australia, whereas for Members who have registered in New Zealand, their Spend Balance will be calculated in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

2.8 Spend Balance is calculated after GST has been been removed. (Example - Item is $199.00 10% ($19.90) will not be added to the points balance).


3. Level movement 

3.1 Members are allocated to levels on the basis of their Spend Balance (a Member's 'Status'). Once a Member’s Spend Balance surpasses a one of the following thresholds, their Status will be increased:

3.1.1 Level 1: Travel Club Member with Spend Balance of less than or equal to $499

3.1.2 Level 2: Silver Cabana with Spend Balance of more than $500 yet equal to or less than $749

3.1.3 Level 3: Gold Oasis with Spend Balance of more than $750 yet equal to or less than $1499

3.1.4 Level 4: Platinum Paradise with Spend Balance of $1500 or over.

3.2 When a Member with an existing Tigerlily customer profile joins the Travel Club Rewards, their Spend from 1st September 2022 of joining the Travel Club Rewards will count toward their Spend Balance and will determine the Status they will initially be allocated. The Member’s existing Tigerlily customer profile must be associated with the same email used to sign up to the Travel Club Rewards.

3.3 All new Members without an existing Spend Balance will enter the Travel Club Rewards with a Status of Level 1. 

3.4 A Member’s Spend Balance is reviewed annually from the date the Member joins the Travel Club Rewards. Once a Member moves up a Status, their annual calculation date resets. 

3.5 Spend can take up to 48 hours to appear in a Member’s Spend Balance on their account. 


4. Rewards

4.1 The Travel Club Rewards operates by attributing different Rewards (as nominated by Tigerlily from time to time) to Members according to their Status.

4.2 Members can view their Rewards at any time on their Member profile on the Tigerlily website.

4.3 Tigerlily will endeavour to notify the Member via email when the Member is entitled to a Reward or the Member moves up or down to a different Status in the Travel Club Rewards. If a Member unsubscribes from Travel Club Rewards emails, their Rewards balance will be viewable online only. 

4.4 At its sole discretion, Tigerlily may award a Member with a Reward due to the Member’s purchasing behaviour, as a general incentive and/or for the purposes of promotional activities.

4.5 Tigerlily reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the distribution of Rewards without notice and at any time for any reason whatsoever in its absolute discretion.

4.6 Rewards that are awarded in error or earned fraudulently may be revoked by Tigerlily in its absolute discretion.

4.7 Rewards cannot be sold, transferred or assigned and are not redeemable for cash or any other like instruments, including (but not limited to) gift vouchers, gift cards, cheques and credit notes. Rewards do not represent legal tender in any country.

4.8 If a Reward is used as part of a transaction, only the money spent on Products in addition to the Reward will count towards the Members’ Spend Balance. 

4.9 If a Membership is terminated, all outstanding and future Rewards will no longer be valid and will be rendered null and void.

4.10 When a Member returns a purchase for a refund, the net amount of the transaction will be deducted from the Member's Spend Balance.  If a Reward was previously awarded as a result of a purchase returned for a refund, the Reward and/or Spend Balance will be adjusted or reversed. This may result in the Member having a negative Spend Balance.

4.11 If an order is cancelled, Tigerlily may adjust or reverse Rewards and/or Spend Balance that was previously awarded to a Member in that transaction.  

4.12 A Reward must be used prior to the expiry date stated on the Tigerlily website or in communications with the Member. 

4.13 Rewards:

4.13.1 are not transferable; 

4.13.2 are not redeemable for cash, gift voucher or any other form of credit; 

4.13.3 may not be resold or applied to any previously placed orders; and

4.13.4 may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.


Level 1 Status

Members with Level 1 Status qualify to receive the following Rewards (subject to these Terms and Conditions):

4.14 One of either:

4.14.1 ‘Birthday Reward’: A  ‘birthday reward’ is issued once every 12 months, 7 days before the Level 1 Member’s birthday (the Member must have entered a valid date of birth in the relevant section of their Member Profile prior to their birthday in order to receive this Reward). The birthday reward expires 14 days after date of issue; OR

4.14.2 Access to Member only promotions and competitions: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.


Level 2 Status

Members with Level 2 Status are eligible to receive the following Rewards (subject to these Terms and Conditions):

4.15 One of either:

4.15.1 ‘Birthday Reward’: A ‘birthday reward’ is issued once every 12 months, 7 days before the Level 2 Member’s birthday (the Member must have entered a valid date of birth in the relevant section of their Member Profile prior to their birthday in order to receive this Reward). The birthday reward expires 30 days after date of issue; OR

4.15.2 Access to Member only promotions and competitions: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit

4.15.3 Early access to new brand/product launches, promotions & sales issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.


Level 3 Status

Members with Level 3 Status qualify to receive the following Rewards (subject to these Terms and Conditions):

4.16 One of either:

4.16.1 ‘Birthday Reward’: A ‘birthday reward’, is issued once every 12 months, 7 days before the Level 3 Member’s birthday (the Member must have entered a valid date of birth in the relevant section of their Member Profile prior to their birthday in order to receive this Reward). The birthday reward expires 60 days after date of issue; OR

4.16.2 Free Standard Shipping and Delivery: Level 3 Members qualify for free standard shipping on all orders regardless of the order size.  This benefit applies to Australian Customers only.

4.16.3 Priority access and invitation only Member only events: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit;

4.16.4 Early access to new brand/product launches, promotions & sales: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.


Level 4 Status

Members with Level 4 Status qualify to receive the following Rewards (subject to these Terms and Conditions):

4.17 One of either:

4.17.1 ‘Birthday Reward’: A ‘birthday reward’, is issued once every 12 months, 7 days before the Level 3 Member’s birthday (the Member must have entered a valid date of birth in the relevant section of their Member Profile prior to their birthday in order to receive this Reward). The birthday reward expires 60 days after date of issue; OR

4.17.2 Free Express Shipping and Delivery: Level 4 Members qualify for free express shipping on all orders regardless of the order size.  This benefit applies to Australian Customers only.

4.17.3 Priority access and invitation only Member only events: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit;

4.17.4 Early access to new brand/product launches, promotions & sales: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit;

4.17.5 Early access to limited releases: issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.

4.17.6 Entry for a promotional trip (once a year): issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.

4.17.7 Bi-annual gift sent from Tigerlily issued from time to time by Tigerlily at its discretion and on such terms it sees fit.


5. Redemption of Rewards

5.1 To redeem any applicable Reward when transacting on the Tigerlily website, a Member must ensure they are logged into a valid account which is registered as a Member at the time of transacting.

5.2 When redeeming any applicable Reward, the Reward will be applied proportionally across each item purchased, based on the percentage of the total purchase price that each item purchased represents to the total purchase. 

5.3 Rewards cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise indicated.

5.4 Rewards can be redeemed as payment for Afterpay, Klarna and Zip purchases at the time of purchasing before the first payment takes place. 

5.5 All Rewards have an expiry date as set out in clause 4.12, at which point the Reward will no longer be available for redemption. Tigerlily reserves the right to change the period in which a Reward may be used at any time without notice. The period in which a Reward may be used is the period stated in these Terms and Conditions at the time the Reward is awarded to the Member.

5.6 Tigerlily will not be held responsible or liable if Rewards are not able to be redeemed for whatever reason, unless that reason was a result of Tigerlily’s gross negligence or default. 

5.7 Rewards can only be redeemed once. 

5.8 Tigerlily reserves the right in its absolute discretion to exclude certain items and promotions from being redeemed by using Rewards.

5.9 If a Member wishes to return Products for any reason other than because the goods were faulty or misdescribed, any Reward redeemed or utilised during the original purchase of the Products being returned will be forfeited.

5.10 If a Member wishes to exchange Products that were purchased using a Reward, the Reward will be returned to the Member provided the exchange takes place on the same day as the return, otherwise Rewards will be forfeited. 


6. Refer a Friend 

6.1 If a current member of the Travel Club Rewards (‘Referrer’) Refers a New Customer (‘Referred Customer’) and the Referred Customer joins the Travel Club Rewards using the unique referral code provided by the Referrer, the Referred Customer will receive a Reward of $20 to be used toward any future purchase from Tigerlily that is of a value of $200 or more.

6.2 If the Referred Customer completes a purchase with Tigerlily using the Reward provided to them upon joining the Travel Club Rewards, the Referrer will receive a Reward after a minimum of 24 hours.

6.3 A Referred Customer who signs up to the Travel Club Rewards directly from a Referral will receive a Reward of $20 to be used toward any eligible future Tigerlily purchase of $200 or more. 

6.4 Where a Reward is used in connection with purchase from Tigerlily and any part of that purchase is subsequently returned by the Referrer or the Referred Customer, the maximum amount that the Referrer or the Referred Customer (as applicable) is entitled to be refunded is the amount of cash paid in connection with the purchase, subject to Tigerlily’s refund policy.

6.5 A Referrer may Refer a maximum of 100 New Customers, however they are only entitled to earn up to a maximum of $100.

6.6 The Referrer and the Referred Customer may be from the same household, provided that the Referred Customer is not an existing Tigerlily customer or Travel Club Rewards member.

6.7 A Referrer may not Refer themselves to be a Referred Customer (e.g. by using separate email addresses).  Tigerlily reserves the right to cancel any Travel Club Rewards accounts and revoke any Rewards awarded to a Referrer who Refers themselves. 

6.8 To be eligible to receive a Reward under this clause 6, the Referrer and Referred Customer must reside in the same country of residence as one another.

6.9 The Referred Customer understands that by signing up to the Travel Club Rewards in connection with a Referral, the Referred Customer consents and agrees to the disclosure of having created an Travel Club Rewards account and/or making a purchase from Tigerlily to the person who Referred the Referred Customer.

6.10 Tigerlily reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Referred Customer with respect to whether they are a New Customer or otherwise in accordance with these terms and conditions, and may determine that any Referred Customer is ineligible to receive Rewards in its sole discretion.


7. Travel Club Rewards changes

7.1 Tigerlily reserves the right at all times to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions, as well as Membership Fees, or Rewards offered at its sole discretion, including but not limited to changing the rules governing Status movement and Rewards offered. 

7.2 Tigerlily may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time by updating this webpage and will give Member’s at least 30 days notice of any material changes to these Terms and Conditions.


8. Termination and Transfer

8.1 Tigerlily reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Travel Club Rewards Membership and may cancel all or any Rewards and/or benefits that have been issued to you, if Tigerlily reasonably believes that:

8.1.1 you have breached these Terms and Conditions; or

8.1.2 a person has engaged or may engage in fraudulent conduct, or conduct is suspected to be fraudulent, in relation to your Travel Club Rewards Account.

8.2 Tigerlily reserves the right to terminate the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Programme at any time by giving all Members at least 30 days prior written notice.

8.3 You may terminate your Travel Club Rewards Membership at any time by selecting ‘cancel membership’ in the wallet or by contacting our Customer Service Team. On receiving a notice of termination from you, your account will be recorded on the Tigerlily database as closed and you will cease to earn Rewards or receive any other benefits

9. Tigerlily Privacy Notice

9.1 When you create a Member profile, Tigerlily collects your personal information. Tigerlily collects this personal information for the purposes of providing Rewards to Members and sending marketing communications via email and SMS (which may include offers from partners or affiliates). The same information may also be used when you place an order with Tigerlily and for the other purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. We will manage your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. (available at ​​https://tigerlily.com.au/pages/privacy-policy)

9.2 If you do not provide your personal information we will be unable to offer you the Rewards set out in these Terms and Conditions or will only be able to provide you with limited Rewards.

9.3 By registering for Travel Club Rewards, you agree to receive emails and SMS messages regarding your membership to the Travel Club Rewards from Tigerlily. These may include information about Spend, Status, Rewards, promotions (including from our partners/affiliates), events and programme updates, as well as other related materials at the discretion of Tigerlily. Existing Tigerlily customers acknowledge and agree that on application to the Travel Club Rewards they will be re-subscribed to receive those form of communication from Tigerlily that they had previously unsubscribed or opted out of receiving (email or SMS messages).

9.4 Members may unsubscribe from Travel Club Rewards and/or any other Tigerlily emails in the wallet or clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in an email received by Tigerlily and following the prompts. If you unsubscribe from Tigerlily emails, you'll still receive emails about your order, shipping, gift cards and gift voucher reminders. If you unsubscribe by contacting our team, it may take up to five days for your request to be processed.

9.5 Members may unsubscribe from Travel Club Rewards and/or other Tigerlily SMS messages on their Member profile on the Tigerlily website or in the wallet. 

  1. Governing Law

The laws in Victoria Australia govern this Agreement.  Each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and the Federal Court of Australia (Melbourne Registry) and irrevocably waives any right to object to proceedings being brought in those courts on the basis that proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum.

  1. Severability

Where any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under the laws of Victoria then such provision shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms and Conditions and, if possible, replaced with a lawful provision which, as closely as possible, gives effect to the intention of Tigerlily under these Terms and Conditions and, where permissible, that shall not affect or impair the legality, validity or enforceability in that, or any other, jurisdiction of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions.


12. Limitation of liability

12.1 By enrolling in the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Program, each Member agrees that Tigerlily and its affiliates and subsidiaries and its officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents (collectively, the ‘Released Parties’) will have no liability or responsibility whatsoever for, and shall be held harmless by Members or any person for, any liability for any losses or damages of any kind (direct or indirect), from any action taken or neglected to be taken with regard to the program, with the exception of errors in posting Spend Balance to Travel Club Rewards accounts.

12.2 The Released Parties are not responsible for: (a) loss or misdirection of, or delay in receiving, any Membership application, correspondence, information about qualifying purchases, or Rewards; (b) theft or unauthorized redemption of Spend Balance or Rewards or use of a Reward caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Tigerlily or the Released Parties; (c) any acts or omissions of third parties; or (d) any errors published in relation to the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Program, including, without limitation, any typographical errors, errors of description, and errors in the crediting or debiting of Spend Balance from Member accounts. Tigerlily reserve the right to correct, without notice, any errors. In no event shall the Released Parties be liable to any Member for any delay in or failure to perform due to causes beyond their control, including, without limitation, any act of God, and act of war, natural disaster, terrorism, or any act or omission of a third party.

12.3 Without limiting the foregoing, except as specifically provided otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, everything regarding the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Program, including our Website and the Rewards, are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement (to the extent permitted by law). Some jurisdictions may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages or exclusion of implied warranties, so some of the above limitations or exclusions may not apply.

12.4 This clause 13 will survive termination of Member’s participation in the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Program.


13. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions:

"Travel Club Rewards" or “Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Programme” means the Rewards programme operated by Tigerlily providing Members with access to Rewards in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

"Anniversary Date" means the date that the Member joined the Travel Club Rewards.

Rewards” means the products, discounts, offers, competitions, activities and events or arrangements offered or available to Members from time to time.

"Dollar or $" means Australian dollars for the Australia and New Zealand site, and for our International site, mean United States dollars USD, unless the context requires otherwise. 

Joining Date” means the calendar date that the Member joined the Travel Club Rewards. 

"Member" means you as a member of the Travel Club Rewards.

Membership” means your membership to the Travel Club Rewards.

"Member Emails" means emails that are sent from Tigerlily to a Member including emails about the individual’s Membership, the Travel Club Rewards Loyalty Programme, special offers, discounts, competitions and events.

"Member Profile" means the personal details of the Member.

Membership Fees” means the fees Tigerlily may apply for Travel Club Rewards Membership from time to time.

"Membership Form" means the online form required to be completed by you to become a Member.

New Customer” means a person who is not a member of the Travel Club Rewards and has not previously made a purchase with Tigerlily at the time of referral;  

Products” means any products sold on the Tigerlily Website. 

"Qualifying Purchase" means all purchases of Products made on the Website while logged in to an Travel Club Rewards account, excluding any cancelled orders or purchases which are returned for a refund.

Referral” means the process by which a current member of the Travel Club Rewards provides a unique referral code to a New Customer to be used by the New Customer in signing up to the Travel Club Rewards.  ‘Refer’ and ‘Referred’ have the corresponding meaning; 

Referral Program” means the program run by Tigerlily whereby Members are issued Rewards for Referring New Customers to the Travel Club Rewards, under the terms of clause 6

Referrer” has the meaning given in clause 6.1;

Referred Customer” has the meaning given in clause 6.1;

"Review Date" means the Member’s Anniversary Date or, if the Member has changed Status, the date that the Member most recently changed Status. 

Spend” means money spent on Qualifying Purchases using the Tigerlily Website. 

Spend Balance” means a Member’s net cumulative Spend after any discounts and returns have been applied on valid purchases during the rolling 12 month period following a Member’s Review Date.

Status” means a Member’s status as determined according to their Spend Balance and clause 4.12.

"Terms and Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

Website” means https://tigerlily.com.au/ or https://tigerlilyswimwear.com/ (or any replacement websites)

If you do not understand these Terms and Conditions or to contact the Customer Service Centre:

Email: hello@tigerlily.com.au



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We regularly audit our discount codes. However codes may run out, or stop working. Student Beans will contact the retailer to request new valid codes as soon as an issue emerges. Student Beans is not responsible for the validity of codes, and if there is an issue we cannot be held liable for any losses incurred.

Student discounts are usually only valid on full priced items and will often exclude sale items and other limitations set by the retailer. If a code is not working please check the retailer’s full terms and conditions.

Our discounts link to retailer’s websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. We have no control over the contents of those websites or resources, and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

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All orders are subject to acceptance and availability, and items in Your shopping basket are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers.

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of Your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Unless You cancel Your order, acceptance of Your order and completion of the contract between You and Us will be completed when we email You to confirm the goods have been dispatched. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of Your order to accept or decline Your order for any reason. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We reserves the right to restrict multiple quantities of an item being shipped to any one customer or postal address. We provide goods only as a reseller to end user customers and do not accept orders from dealers, exporters, wholesalers, or other customers who intend to resell the products offered by Us.

We reserve the right to refuse any order without giving reason. Upon cancellation of an order we will make all reasonable attempts to contact You using the details provided. All received monies will be refunded using the method received.



Prices shown on the Site are in Australian Dollars (“AUD”) and are inclusive of Goods & Service Tax (“GST”), unless You have selected an alternative country where GST is not chargeable. Prices are subject to change without notice.

You will be charged in AUD regardless of the Estimated Price where You have chosen to display an alternate currency. If You are a customer whose credit/debit card is not denominated in AUD, the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day Your card issuer processes the transaction. We are not liable for any difference between the Estimated Price quoted on the site and the actual Price charged to You for the Goods as determined by the conversion rate used by Your credit card provider or Paypal. There may be duties and taxes added to Your package by the destination country. You will be responsible for these upon delivery and are not included in Your order total. We do not have any control over these charges and unable to advise what they will be, as it is based on Your own countries regulations and compliance’s. For further information, please contact Your local customs office.



We offer products for sale that are in stock and available for dispatch from our distribution centre OR are available on Pre-Order. We endeavour to only display products on our site that are available to purchase. Occasionally, if items are very popular they will sell out very quickly. In this case, You will be contacted within 48 business hours if we are unable to fill Your order and a full refund will be processed.



The delivery times provided by Us are estimates only. We aim to deliver within the time indicated by Us at the place of delivery requested by you. We cannot guarantee delivery dates and we shall not be liable to You for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery. Please note that it might not be possible for Us to deliver to some locations. If this is the case, we will inform You using the contact details that You provide to Us when You make Your Order and arrange for cancellation of the Order or delivery to an alternative delivery address. In the event that multiple items are ordered, part deliveries may be made where stock is not available. All reasonable attempts to notify You will be made using the details You provided.

On delivery of the Product, You may be required to sign for delivery, unless You grant Us authority to leave (“ATL”). If You grant ATL You understand and agree that this authority to leave gives Us and/or our selected couriers permission to leave the Order in question unattended by the front door – or, where applicable, at the reception or concierge’s desk – of the delivery address without obtaining a signature confirming delivery at the delivery location. In such circumstances, You understand and agree that by granting Us authority to leave, we and our couriers are released of all responsibility and liability for the Orders delivered and left unattended, and that this responsibility and liability transfer to You on delivery. If You are not available to take delivery or collection, we may leave a card giving You instructions on either re- delivery or collection from the carrier.

You agree to inspect the Product for any obvio Us faults, defects or damage before You sign for delivery. You need to keep receipt of the delivered Product in case of future discussions with Us about it. The buyer is responsible for inspecting the goods for fault and notifying Us in accordance with our Returns Policy should there be a fault. Unless otherwise specified, responsibility and title in the Goods passes to You upon delivery. If You have specified a recipient who is not You for delivery purposes (for example as a gift) then You accept that evidence of a signature by them (or at that delivery address) is evidence of delivery and transfer of responsibility in the same way. From the time when risk passes to you, we will not be liable for loss or destruction of the Product.



We cannot be held responsible for an incorrect address being entered on Your order. Address Confirmation is given on the review & buy page in the checkout section of the site. If this is not noticed until after Your order is finalised, please contact Customer Service immediately. We will attempt to update any incorrect order details, however due to the fast processing within our distribution centre, some orders cannot be adjusted. Therefore, You should carefully check that Your Order is accurate before You submit it to us.



Once your order has been placed, it immediately starts going through our warehouse process. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot cancel or make any changes to your order even if it has not been shipped yet. You can view this on our FAQ page under 'Orders & Returns' https://tigerlily.com.au/pages/faq-2021
You are welcome to return any items provided they meet the terms of our Returns Policy. Please understand that unfortunately we are unable to accept the return of any final sale or clearance items back to our warehouse unless they are faulty or incorrect. You can view our Returns Policy in further detail at https://tigerlily.com.au/pages/returns




Please see - Returns Policy



From time to time You may receive online offers and promotions which include a promotional or coupon code (“Code”) for use when shopping at Us. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the Code is valid, and that You enter the Code at the time of making Your purchase online. We cannot apply the Code retrospectively once You have submitted Your Order. Terms and conditions will apply to the use of the offer or promotion. Please read these carefully to make sure You can take proper advantage of these offers. Any Code is non-transferable and, unless expressly stated, may not be used in conjunction with any other offers. 



Goods are faulty if they are received damaged or where a manufacturing fault occurs. Items that are damaged because of normal wear and tear are not considered to be faulty.

If You would like to exchange a faulty item instead of obtaining a refund, please be aware that we can only replace it for the same product in the same size, subject to availability. Where possible, we will offer to repair faulty items. If it cannot be repaired or the same product is not available, You are entitled to a full refund. 



We have made every effort to display accurate images of each product’s colour and design, however actual colours and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the shoot location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that Your monitor or screen's display of any colour will be entirely accurate to the actual product. 

In purchasing from Tigerlily Pty Ltd Aust, you agree to accept the small risk that there may be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation of the product on our website imagery.



In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to technical/typographical error or error in pricing or product information received from our suppliers, we shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. We shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and Your credit card charged. If Your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and Your order is cancelled, we shall immediately issue a credit to Your credit card account in the amount of the charge.



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