Meet Our Muses

Meet Our Muses

Lovers, creatives and kindred spirits, Zippora Seven & Terence Connors helped bring our Spring Campaign to life. Read on as creative director Amelia gives us some insight into this magnetic couple, the stunning location and the inspiration behind our latest collection…

What inspired the latest collection?

Our latest collection was inspired from the term ‘Bobo’ which stands for Bourgeois Bohemian, a counter culture that has emerged combining both the free-spirited vibes of the beatniks & hippies but with the motivation and drive of the bourgeoisie or ‘middle class’ basically 'Hard-working hippies doing what we love!'. We really felt this resonated with Tigerlily, we are so much more than another ‘Boho’ brand and really wanted to present that through our latest collection. We drew on influences from Iranian carpets, subtle ikats and French paisley-florals to interpret a more sophisticated print aesthetic on soft tailored trousers, blouses and embroidered jackets.

Enlisting New Yorker Terence Connors to shoot his lover/muse Zippora Seven feels quite new for Tigerlily, what drew you to them?

We have always loved Zippora Seven with her natural 70s vibe and we have always wanted to shoot in New Zealand. Having two Tigerlily stores in Auckland and many Kiwi friends, we would often get told ‘you must visit Waiheke’… Most of our campaigns come about in this way, we keep all these tips from research and recommendations and wait for the perfect moment when the stars align. When we found out that Zippy was born and grew up in Waiheke it couldn’t have been more perfect! Having followed Terence’s work recently and the candid snaps they took of each other on a recent trip to Morocco we were drawn to the intimate and spontaneous nature of their work and loved their dynamic. We knew instantly they were very Bobo.

Something not many people know about them is that…

So sweet! They met in Paris when Zippy started out modelling in her teens and they joked about how she played hard to get with Terence initially haha…

Shooting with them was…

Refreshing, they just kind of do their thing. Zippy was so at ease in the natural environment where she grew up. You really could see how much she loves her spirit home and talks fondly of her family houseboat where they stay when visiting. Zippy & Terence are true professionals and both quite Bourgeois in the sense that they love what they do and want to create the best work possible. By the end of the shoot we were pretty envious of Zippy’s upbringing and life in Waiheke as a child, we love how her dad taught her to navigate their boat home by reading the position of the stars.

Tell us about the shoot location, Waiheke, NZ…

Where to begin! It was an impressive little island with an incredible landscape of mountains and unique native fauna, we loved the Toi toi's. Then there was the rugged yet pristine beaches, artist colony and interesting local creative types, world class vineyards, amazing locally grown produce and artisan cheeses. Oh and how could we forget the local coffee, Island Coffee! The crew wouldn’t have survived without.

amelia Xx

Find out more about Waiheke here

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