Kind Minds Collective ~ Sweet Potato Brownies

Kind Minds Collective ~ Sweet Potato Brownies

With a passion for nature, photography and food, our Sorrento lily ~ Millie Souter created Kind Minds Collective in the hope to inspire others to embrace a way of living that is environmentally conscious and healthy.

We love indulging every now and then, especially when it’s good for us and the planet. Read on for Millie's Sweet Potato Brownie recipe...


For the brownies
1 large sweet potato
 1/2 cup oat flour
1 cup almond meal
1 cup pitted dates - soaked (5 minutes in hot water)
3/4 cup vegan milk of your choice (I used almond milk) 
1/4 cup coconut sugar
5 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons chia seeds

For the icing

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 tablespoons cocoa 

Pre-heat oven to 180c. Peel sweet potato, cut into cubes and then steam. Once the sweet potato is soft, remove from pot, strain any excess water and mash in a bowl. Add the oats to your food processor and blend until floured. Remove oats from food processor and put in the bowl with sweet potato. Remove any water from your soaked dates and add those to the food processor and blend until it forms a paste. Add sweet potato, floured oats, your choice of vegan milk and almond meal, then blend until well combined. Add the rest of the ingredients with two tablespoons more of your choice of vegan milk and blend until well combined. Place into a lined baking tin and bake on 180c for 40-50 minutes or until a knife comes out clean when it's poked in the middle.
Allow brownie to cool while you prepare the icing...

Add coconut oil, maple syrup and cocoa powder into the food processor and blend until well combined. Once brownie is cool, spread evenly on top and enjoy! 
(Keep brownie refrigerated)

    Photography and styling: Millie Souter 
    Assistant: Monique Stahl 
    Location: Briars, Mt Martha

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