Chasing Summer in Tigerlily Swimsuits

Chasing Summer in Tigerlily Swimsuits

three models stand in tigerlily swimwear one piece swimsuits
Bikini or one piece – what’s your vibe?
It’s undeniable that the one-piece swimsuit has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. Bikinis are always a classic beach favourite (and we simply cannot make a choice when it comes to swimwear style) but we wanted to put together this list of reasons why a one-piece swimsuit is a great addition to any wardrobe.
  1. One-Piece Swimmers protect you from the sun
    This one is clear: bikinis expose more of your skin to the sun. The more that your skin is exposed to the sun, the greater the risk of sunburn and sun damage. Lots of people don’t realise that wearing sunscreen doesn’t automatically protect you from sun damage. A one-piece swimsuit
    can provide far better UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

    models and everyday women wering tigerlily one piee swimsuits
  2. Can be a less expensive option than buying a bikini set
    In some cases, purchasing one-piece swimsuits can be cheaper than their bikini counterparts. When purchasing a one-piece, you only pay for one item. Buying bikini separates
    does allow for a fun mix and match moment but does require you to pay for each piece separately. A one-piece may be a more budget conscious option for you!
    models wearing tigerlily one piece swimwear
  3. Skip the cover-up
    As bikinis are much more revealing than one-piece swimsuits, you’ll often need to carry a maxi dress or cover up
    with you to visit cafes or shops near the beach. If you are wearing a one-piece swimsuit, you can simply wrap a sarong or slip on a pair of pants and let your swimwear act as a bodysuit!
    one piece swimwear tigerlily
  4. Stay secure in the surf
    Have you ever experienced the dreaded moment of losing your bikini top
    in a particularly rough set of waves at the beach? One-piece swimsuits are much more secure than bikini style cuts, giving you more athletic ability at the beach or in the pool.
    tigerlily swimmers one piece
  5. Comfortable and Chic
    One-piece suits tend to need less straps, clips and harnessing to keep you secure, meaning they are generally more comfortable to wear. One-piece swimsuits also offer far greater support for your breasts and tend to offer more coverage if you are so inclined!
    tigerlily one piece swimsuit
  6. Huge range of styles and cuts
    One-piece swimmers come in a massive range of styles, cuts, colours and designs. From a minimal asymmetrical one shoulder cut, through to a high waisted 70s high cut; there really is something to suit everybody.
    one piece swimsuit tigerlily collection
  7. Garment versatility
    Get more bang for your buck and rock your one piece as a bodysuit for everyday looks. Pair back with jeans, a skirt or layer beneath a loose knit for extra coverage.
    tigerlily one piece swimsuits and swimwear collection
At Tigerlily HQ we absolutely adore our one-piece bathers! Comfortable, chic, timeless and practical – we hope you love our list of 7 reasons to own a one-piece swimsuit!
Excited to add a one piece to your collection? Shop our range here xo


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